An amazing day at the University of Central Lancashire !


The University of Lancashire invited the SI-UK team to visit their campus and learn more about the new Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MB BS). We decided to put ourselves in the students’ skins and focus on what matters for international students who want to study medicine in the UK.

And you know what? We could not have felt more at home. This visit made us look at Medical Degrees and what they entail in a different way, and this is why we want to share the details of a fantastic open day.

6:32 It is time to properly wake up and go to the train station. It is so difficult; I prayed for a return to my bed! But the day promises to be an interesting one, lets see!

7:01 Finally at the train station. This is the first time that I have taken a train in the UK and I am a little worried about getting lost – luckily the departure board is right in front of me, and there are my team!

9:47 Two hours later, we are at Preston train station and it is beautiful! However I have no time to be lost in my thoughts as the university representative is waiting for us.

10:01 I meet the Dean of Medicine and Surgery, John Crean. He talks about UCLan and the campus, but I am more focused on his presentation of the MB BS courses. He speaks enthusiastically about the programmes, and I am intrigued.

10:15 The Dean gave us three very good reasons about why to study at the University of Central Lancashire’s two new new Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees…

  • This is the first medical programme in the UK designed specifically for international students.
  • Only 30 students per class and luxury equipment (e-portfolio, laboratories, etc.). You will have individual advice, and special training with highly innovative equipment.
  • Strong partnerships with key players (local hospitals, practician groups, etc.) and early contact with patients.

10:30 Now, Paul Milne introduces much dipper the Bachelor of Medicine and the Bachelor of Surgery. He looks so passionate and convincing by the quality of this new Bachelor!

I think all the staff are proud of this new Bachelor’s degree because it blends omedical science, clinical practice and moral values.

11:06 A quick coffee, and the time has come to visit the campus. Everyone is talking about their amazing facilities and it is no surprise that UCLan is ranked in the UK’s top ten of high performing modern universities.

12:30 And it is no surprise that UCLan is one of the largest universities in the UK either. After visiting the huge selection of laboratories, corridors, teaching rooms, and even more laboratories, I need a break and a sandwich!

13:00 But my stomach can wait as next up is a visit to an exact replication of a hospital room. The professors have unique access to special software in dummies, which the students must then react to and save. It is incredible to see.

13:30 Next up is a visit to the library, and lunch. Once we are fed and watered, the final part of the day involves a Q&A session to find out more information about the entry criteria.

14:32 If you are interested in taking the UKCAT exam, then academic excellence, previous work/volunteering in a medical or healthcare field and a high level of English (minimum score of 7.0 at IELTS level) are required. For more information about improving your IELTS score, see below.

15:03 Now it is time to go back to real life. My train is waiting for me and I have to share this amazing experience with you!

UCLan will be coming to the UK University Fair on the 1st March 2014.  You can register for the event here, and learn more about IELTS service here. If you need more information about the new Medicine degree, please contact us by phone 020-7287-7040 or by email: You can also visit our website.

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