Top 5 UK Universities for Student Satisfaction


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Today, we will take a look at which UK universities are most popular with their own students.

5. Keele University

Student satisfaction: 93%.

At number 5 we find Keele University. Located in the countryside in the North-West of England, Keele specialises in ‘dual honours’ degrees, making it easy for students to build their own courses that cater to their particular needs. 93% of Keele students say that they are happy with the services provided.

4. University of Essex

Student satisfaction: 93%

Essex is conveniently located for students who are interested in London life, but wish to avoid the high rent and living expenses of the capital. The University of Essex is a popular choice for overseas students, with 132 nationalities represented within its student body.

3. University of East Anglia

Student satisfaction: 93%

UEA is well-known for providing some of the highest quality courses in the UK. Just outside of Norwich, the University is within two hours of London by coach, and has an excellent reputation for Social Sciences and particularly International Development.

2. University of Buckingham

Student satisfaction: 93%

The University of Buckingham receives no funding from government, which is particularly unique in the UK as it resembles the US method of higher education. With five schools focussing on Law, Humanities, Arts and Languages, Business, and Science and Medicine, the approach is popular with students.

1. University of Bath

Student satisfaction: 94%

And we have a winner! Originally established in 1856, the University of Bath was recognised in 2013 as the most popular university in the UK in terms of student satisfaction, with 94% of students giving it a favourable ranking.

Student satisfaction is a good reflection of quality in many ways, reflecting your first choice doesn’t have to be Oxford or Cambridge. There are a variety of popular, effective institutions across the UK, providing international students with great choice.

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