Top 5 agriculture universities in the UK


According to Elizabeth Truss, the UK environment minister, agriculture is the fastest growing subject at UK universities with over 19,000 people studying agriculture and its related subjects.

The rise in applicants to study agriculture is due in part because of a push from the industry to lower the average age of the UK farmer, which is currently 59. Younger people are being encouraged to enter the sector, and UK universities can give them the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

Getting a degree from a UK university in agriculture is ideal preparation to understand the industry, while it can also be taught alongside subjects such as business and management. Agriculture does not just mean getting your hands dirty on a farm! There are many lines of employment in food retail and supply chain management.

Top 5 Agriculture universities in the UK (QS rankings by subject 2016)

  1. University of Reading
  2. University of Nottingham
  3. Newcastle University
  4. University of Aberdeen
  5. Aberystwyth University

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