Why you should attend the Newcastle University London Masterclass series



Newcastle University London is proud to deliver an industry-immersive education, allowing students to benefit from the links it has with an array of national and international businesses in the UK capital with its Masterclass series.

As part of this industry-immersive education, the London Campus holds masterclasses every Wednesday for its students. Business leaders are invited to share the lessons they have learnt throughout their career, in the form of lectures, interactive workshops and Q&A sessions. These business leaders are from a range of different industries; from finance to design to consumer marketing.

Big name speakers

Some big name guest speakers have included Roy Sandbach, former senior Procter & Gamble Global Executive, who has held various senior research and development positions at Procter & Gamble in China, the UK and Germany. Sandbach was in a team responsible for increasing profits by five per cent (several billion) each year. Sandbach gave many interesting insights into the tasks involved in such high profile positions. “The day I moved to Germany to lead an innovation project, the government issued a warning not to use the product I was working on,” he explained, adding that he needed to give the brand a complete facelift. “Innovation operates at its most effective when there’s a crisis!”

“Queen of Daytime TV” Dianne Nelmes also joins the list of previous speakers. Director of Daytime and Lifestyle at the major TV network ITV, she created popular TV programmes such as Loose Women, This Morning and Jeremy Kyle. She told students that sheer ambition isn’t the secret to success – you have to truly enjoy what you are doing to get ahead. “I always did things that I loved and wanted to do – my CV goes all over the place,” she said.

Future speakers

Future speakers at the Masterclass series include Lord Allen, Chairman of Global Radio; and George Greener, Chairman of the London National Health Service (NHS). More information can be found here.

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