How to survive your first week of university



Universities start their yearly terms between September and mid-October, and for many students this will be the first time they leave their homes for an extended period of time.. It is natural to feel anxious about such changes, but following these simple tips will help you be prepared and feel confident during your first week.

Keep your supporting documents close by

If you are an international student coming to the UK, make sure your passport, visa, and your UKVI acceptance letter are at hand. You will be asked for these documents when going through immigration at the airport so keep them in your hand luggage for easy access.


Make sure to attend all available inductions

Your first point of contact with your new academic environment will most likely be induction seminars and lectures. You will find out how the university works, your course term dates and deadlines, ways to contact tutors, library opening hours, what to do in case of illness, and much more. Make sure to attend each one as they contain vital information about student life, as well being a great opportunity to meet new people.

Join a societyuniversity-society

Find out about the different societies at your university. This is a great way to network with students from other courses, and it also looks good on your resumé as well. Each university has a wide variety of clubs and socities from traditional clubs on football and music, to more eccentric topics such as Lego lovers and tea drinkers.

Watch your bank balance

Many students report that on their first week they spent more money than they originally thought. That is no cause for alarm, but be careful at what is going out as it can quickly spiral. This can act as a warning so that you are more sensible with expenditure from your second week.

Help with homesickness

You will feel homesick at some point, and it is completely natural. The best way to deal with it is to balance your interaction with your family and with your university peers. Familiarise yourself with the campus and the other students, and you will soon feel at home. Remember that everyone is feeling the same when first starting!

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