Where to study Big Data Analytics in the UK



What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics examines large data dumps to find hidden information, trending markets and previously unknown patterns and links. The results of the data mine can result in better and more efficient marketing, improved customer service and other business benefits which were previously unknown.


What do big data analysts do?

A big data professional makes sense of large data dumps, attempting to find pattern and meaning of the information put before them.

One reason Facebook is such a valuable resource for advertisers is the large swathes of data it holds within, giving businesses valuable insight into likes, dislikes and emerging trends. Discovering this information is not always easy though, and this is where a big data analyst comes in.

Why study big data analytics?

The big data market is worth £36 billion and an increased demand for the technology by employers means an increased demand for skilled professionals. According to Forbes, the retail, finance, manufacturing sectors are those which are seeking big data analysts the most.

Best UK universities to study big data

1. University of Stirling – MSc Big Data

The course covers big data technology, industrial applications, advanced analytics as well as mix of practical technology such as NoSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra, and more.


2. University of Leeds – MSc Advanced Computer Science (Data Analytics)

Students will gain a foundation in subjects like machine learning, systems programming and algorithms.

3. University of Glasgow – MSc Data Science

This Masters will provide you with a thorough grounding in state-of-the art methods for learning from data, both in terms of statistical modelling and computation.

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