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UK University Scholarships

We can help you win a scholarship

SI-UK helps find scholarships for students interested in studying in the UK. We have also been issued scholarships by universities specifically for students who use our services. Click here to see over 100 scholarships available to our students!

SI-UK counsellors assists students and parents in obtaining university scholarships and spares no effort in securing academic progression for deserving applicants whose talents do not run to means. In additional our online resources will help you understand what scholarships you can apply for and how you can apply for them. The UK universities with whom we work are always looking to recruit on academic merit and minimise financial disadvantages.

How we can help

  • Find scholarships that match your academic interests and budgetary level
  • Inform you of university courses that offer scholarships just for our students
  • Provide full up-to-date information on local and national scholarships
  • Help draft scholarship application letters
  • Represent your scholarship application to our university partners

Links to Country based scholarships

University Based Scholarships

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