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Hospitality and Tourism courses in the UK

Why study Hospitality and Tourism at a UK University?

Hospitality and tourism are amongst the world's most popular industries, employing over 60 million people worldwide. There are many opportunities for an interesting and exciting career in a range of different sectors, with the chance to travel, meet new people and experience different cultures all part of the hospitality and tourism package.

  • A UK organisation, The Hotel and Catering International Management Association (HCIMA), awards the only professional hospitality qualification that is recognised globally. 
  • Studying Hospitality and tourism means both business and creative minds will have many opportunities to express themselves in a number of different situations.
  • Because of the broad number of topics that encompass hospitality and tourism, there are limitless opportunities to branch out into different strands of the industry. Initiative is rewarded as new trends develop
  • Hospitality and tourism is a truly international industry and the chance to study at a UK university means improving both your social and language skills. Upon graduation you can choose to work wherever you wish on the globe as your multicultural experience will prove extremely tempting to potential employers
  • You will gain a comprehensive knowledge of how international tourism works, plus detailed study on the supply chain, customer demand and the global forces impacting on the sustainability of tourism.
  • The tourism industry in the UK is one of the longest established in the world; skills, training and qualifications gained from studying in the UK will be in demand worldwide.

What qualifications do I need to study Hospitality and Tourism at a UK university?

Undergraduate hospitality and tourism courses at UK universities are generally 3-4 years in duration and lead to either a BA or BSc honours degree. 4-year courses tend to include a period of paid industry work experience. Postgraduate hospitality and tourism courses include both taught and research degrees in a wide variety of fields. Taught Masters degrees are usually 1 year in length and Doctoral degrees are usually 3 years. If you have fewer than 13 years of High School education or a low GPA you may need to take a foundation Course.

Undergraduate: Completed High School (13 years of education) - generally A-levels or equivalent qualifications. A minimum score of 5.5 on the IELTS test is generally required.

Postgraduate: Completed undergraduate course (work experience is sometimes required). A minimum score of 6.5 on the IELTS test is generally required.

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What career prospects can I expect in Hospitality and Tourism?

As the number of people who work in the hospitality and tourism sector rises, holding a degree in the subject is invaluable once graduation is secured. There are many graduate training schemes available with a number of high profile companies – Hilton and Marriot hotels for example – which will offer a great chance to jump start your career.

Other opportunities upon graduation from hospitality and tourism include:

  • Catering manager
  • Event organiser
  • Hotel manager
  • Restaurant manager
  • Tourism officer

Where should I study Hospitality and Tourism in the UK?

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