January 2018 start courses at University of West London

University of West London January Entry

Learn more about courses which begin in January 2018 at the University of West London.

University of West London January 2018 Entry

The University of West London (UWL) has a reputation for high-quality education closely linked to employment. The University aim to inspire students to become innovative professionals, connecting them to exciting and rewarding careers.

UWL has one of the best employment rates in the country with 97% of students in work within six months of graduating and its careers service can support you with your career planning by helping you develop and enhance your employability skills and graduate attributes.

University of West London January 2018 Courses

  Level Course  
1.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Accounting and Finance
2.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Accounting and Finance with Internship
3.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management
4.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Airline and Airport Management with Placement
5.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Business Studies
6.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Business Studies (Top-up)
7.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Business Studies with Entrepreneurship
8.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Business Studies with Finance
9.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Business Studies with Internship
10.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Early Years Education
11.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Event Management
12.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Event Management with Hospitality
13.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Event Management with Hospitality with placement
14.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Event Management with placement
15.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Event Management with Tourism
16.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Event Management with Tourism with placement
17.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Hospitality Management
18.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Hospitality Management and Food Studies
19.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Hospitality Management with Placement
20.UndergraduateBA (Hons) International Business Management
21.UndergraduateBA (Hons) International Hotel Management
22.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Travel and Tourism Management
23.UndergraduateBA (Hons) Travel and Tourism Management with Placement
24.UndergraduateBEng (Hons) Civil and Environmental Engineering
25.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Business Economics
26.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Computer Science
27.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Culinary Arts Management
28.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Cyber Security
29.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Human Resource Management
30.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Mathematics and Statistics
31.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Psychology
32.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Psychology with Applied Forensic Investigation
33.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Psychology with Counselling Theory
34.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Psychology with Criminology
35.UndergraduateBSc (Hons) Social Media Marketing
36.PostgraduateDigital Audio Engineering
37.PostgraduateLLM International Banking and Finance Law
38.PostgraduateLLM International Business and Commercial Law
39.PostgraduateLLM International Studies in Intellectual Property Law
40.PostgraduateMA / LLM International Criminal Justice
41.PostgraduateMA Advanced Music Technology
42.PostgraduateMA Advertising, Branding and Communication
43.PostgraduateMA Criminology
44.PostgraduateMA Criminology and Global Crime
45.PostgraduateMA Criminology and Global Security
46.PostgraduateMA Food Business Management
47.PostgraduateMA Food Business Management with Internship
48.PostgraduateMA International Tourism and Aviation Management
49.PostgraduateMA International Tourism and Aviation Management with Internship
50.PostgraduateMA Luxury Hospitality Management
51.PostgraduateMA Luxury Hospitality Management with Internship
52.PostgraduateMA Music Industry Management and Artist Development
53.PostgraduateMA Record Production
54.PostgraduateMBA Masters in Business Administration
55.PostgraduateMMus Composition (Electronic Music)
56.PostgraduateMMus Performance
57.PostgraduateMSc Applied Project Management
58.PostgraduateMSc Applied Project Management with Internship
59.PostgraduateMSc Bioinformatics
60.PostgraduateMSc Civil and Environmental Engineering
61.PostgraduateMSc Civil and Environmental Engineering with Internship
62.PostgraduateMSc Construction Project Management
63.PostgraduateMSc Cyber Security
64.PostgraduateMSc Cyber Security with Internship
65.PostgraduateMSc Digital Marketing
66.PostgraduateMSc Finance and Accounting
67.PostgraduateMSc Finance and Risk Management
68.PostgraduateMSc Information Systems with Internship
69.PostgraduateMSc International Business Management
70.PostgraduateMSc International Marketing
71.PostgraduateMSc Software Engineering
72.PostgraduateMSc Software Engineering with Internship
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