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LanguageCert is a member of the PeopleCert Group, the global leader in certifications. We offer English exams that are recognised by an ever-growing number of Higher Education Institutions, organisations and government bodies internationally. LanguageCert was the first exam provider to introduce an English language exam with remote, live proctoring.

Our scores are accepted by top UK universities and colleges including and not limited to: The University of York, The University of Warwick, The University of Nottingham, The University of Leeds, The University of Liverpool, Imperial College London, and London University of the Arts. Explore the growing list of higher-education institutions that accept LanguageCert scores. LanguageCert English Qualifications: Choosing the right one for you!

Our exams can be taken in 3 ways:
  • Online (OLP) – Taken online live-proctored, anytime, anywhere
  • Onsite (CB) - Computer-based at LanguageCert test centres
  • SELT (UKVI) – Taken at UKVI-approved test centres globally
The SELT option (LanguageCert International ESOL SELT) is applicable if:
  • you are applying for a Student route visa (formerly known as the Tier 4 General student visa) and you are planning to study below degree level (e.g. a Foundation or Pathways course or professional English course).
  • you wish to study at degree level or above at somewhere that is not a Higher Education Institution (HEI).

Where a SELT exam is not required, you can take a LanguageCert International ESOL exam online or at a LanguageCert Approved Test Centre to meet your UK university admission requirements.

LanguageCert International
ESOL SELT (4 skills)
  • Computer-based exam at UKVI-approved SELT test locations around the world
  • Written/Spoken taken on the same day or within 14 days of each other
  • Registration via
  • Results in 5 business days after completing both components
  • Pass mark: 33/50 in each skill
LanguageCert International
ESOL (4 skills)
  • Online exam with remote live proctoring
  • Computer-based exam at LanguageCert Test Centres at locations around the world
  • Components taken together or separately any time
  • Registration via
  • Results in 3-5 working days depending on exam delivery method
  • Pass mark: 50% in the Written and the Spoken
    • Written: 75/150
    • Spoken: 25/50

Re-sit an exam with Take2

Take2 is a value-added service, that works like a safety net to a LanguageCert exam! Candidates have the option to purchase Take2, our straightforward and affordable solution to re-sit their LanguageCert exam in case of an unsuccessful result.

What sets LanguageCert apart?

We help people around the world unlock their true potential to meet their ambition with a world class combination of professional and language certifications.

  • Level specific: candidates get tested at one CEFR level at a time and can focus on what they know
  • Easy booking process: Candidates can book their exam up to 4 or 24 hours before the exam (depending on exam)
  • Fast Results: Candidates can receive their results in up to 3-5 business days (depending on exam)
  • Exams assess real-life communication skills
  • Exam resit option is available at discounted rate

LanguageCert tests language abilities in real world situations and scenarios to better prepare you for the world ahead.

Take a LanguageCert Exam today! you’d like to learn more about LanguageCert English language exams, please contact SI-UK India today.