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Oxbridge Application Process

Getting into Oxbridge as an international student

To secure a place at an Oxbridge school, you must meet tough entry requirements, answer famously difficult interview questions and pass admissions tests. The deadline for applying to Oxford or Cambridge each year is October 15th, much earlier than all other UK universities.

Choosing an Oxbridge College

Applying to a specific college is recommended, but open applications can also be submitted. When picking a college, students should consider whether it teaches the subject they wish to study, its academic history and whether it is close to their personal interests and hobbies. Not all colleges offer undergraduate or postgraduate courses, so research is vital.

Visiting Oxbridge universities for an open day is vital to understanding the area and what your life will be like. Oxbridge tutors are also happy to meet informal visitors if a request is made.

Oxbridge Admissions Tests

Many applications to Oxbridge universities now require you to take an admissions test before reaching the interview stage. Oxbridge admissions tests focus on aptitude rather than knowledge and this helps the university distinguish excellent candidates from merely good ones.

Don’t expect the tests to be straightforward question and answer – questions are often obtuse and require the candidate to think outside the box. Not all Oxbridge courses require taking a set test, and those that do often depend upon the staff’s preference.

Oxbridge Interviews

If you have made it through the initial application and passed the subsequent admissions test, the final part of an Oxbridge application is passing an interview. Oxbridge interviews vary from one college to the next, and students are expected to analyse unseen materials while also answering questions on inventive and unorthodox topics. Oxbridge interviews for Cambridge and Oxford take place in December.

Interviewers will be looking for candidates who are passionate about their interests, with enthusiasm a criterion for success. Questions might focus on your personal statement, so be sure you can back up and discuss at length what you have written.

Study at an Oxbridge University

If you are interested in studying at Oxford or Cambridge, arrange a free consultation today.

Breckett Front  My consultant was very helpful and motivating. She helped me every step of the way, even when the deadline was so close. I feel I could not have done it without her. I'd highly recommend this service to any and all of my many friends interested.  Breckett Front

Brishti Basu Biosciences at Coventry University