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Dover College


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Dover, England

Dover CollegeDover College






Northern England

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Местонахождение Dover, England
Address Dover College
Effingham Crescent
CT17 9RH
Closest Airport London – Gatwick
Number of Pupils 323
Head Teacher Gareth Doodes
Tuition Fees Full boarding fees, up to seven nights per week: Years 7 and 8 (Age 11+) £8,250. Years 9 to Sixth Form (Age 13+) £10,500.

Dover College is an independent co-educational boarding school located in Kent with a rich history of over 150 years. The School is committed to providing holistic education to its vibrant student community which comprises of international students from all over the world.

The Learning Resource Centre at Dover allows students to use state-of-the art technology and also provides extensive career guidance for university applications. The curriculum is creative and flexible, allowing students to develop academic excellence alongside fulfilling their personal aspirations by providing learning opportunities in linguistics, technological and scientific education, cultural, creative, physical, aesthetic and social education.

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The School’s co-curricular activities in sports, music, drama, arts and design technology extend learning beyond the classroom, and through the Careers Programme, students receive individual career advice and guidance on GCSE and A-level subject choices, along with information on the UCAS Application process.


The School has four boarding houses available at affordable and flexible rates to both boarders and day pupils. The Priori House offers a safe environment to younger students of ages 7 and 8 years. Warm and friendly care is provided by the resident assistants, school nurses, matrons and tutors.

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