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University of Warwick
Ключевая информация
Rank 9
Местонахождение Coventry, England
Дата основания 1965
International Students 35%
звестные курсы Economics, International Studies, Law, Business, WMG
Стоимость обучения для иностранных студентов £21,220-27,060
Ключевая информация
Местонахождение Coventry, England
Дата основания 1965
звестные курсы Economics, International Studies, Law, Business, WMG
Стоимость обучения для иностранных студентов £21,220-27,060
Excellence Scholarships
Scholarship Name Excellence Scholarships
Academic Year 2024
Scholarship amount 10% to 50% Tuition Fee Discount.

WMG Excellence Scholarships are merit-based awards available on a competitive basis. Applications will be judged on past academic achievement, professional experience, motivation for study, and your vision for the future.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants should have received an offer to study on a full-time MSc course within the WMG department, commencing September 2024.

Applicants should have an excellent academic track record and/or a strong professional profile to qualify for consideration.

Eligible courses

  • MSc Cyber Security Engineering

  • MSc Cyber Security and Management

  • MSc e-Business Management

  • MSc Digital Transformation for Healthcare

  • MSc Engineering Business Management

  • MSc Games Engineering

  • MSc Healthcare Operational Management

  • MSc Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • MSc International Trade, Strategy and Operations

  • MSc Management for Business Excellence

  • MSc Programme and Project Management

  • MSc Smart, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

  • MSc Sustainable Automotive Engineering

  • MSc Supply Chain and Logistics Management

WMG Excellence Scholarships are for self-funded students only, however students taking a student loan, on a scholarship-loan scheme, or partially funded by an external organisation may also be considered. WMG Excellence Scholarships will be awarded across all WMG full-time UK based MSc programmes to optimise nationality and gender diversity.

Number of Awards:

Up to 100 awards available.

WMG is a large department with over 1400 students joining the full-time Master’s programme each year.

Value of Awards

WMG Excellence Scholarships are awarded on a percentage reduction of the tuition fees, with awards ranging from 10% to 50% tuition fee discount.

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