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DLD College London

Scholarships at DLD College London

Key Information
Location London, England
Established 1931
Famous Courses Vocational, Foundation, Academic English
Key Information
Location London, England
Established 1931
Famous Courses Vocational, Foundation, Academic English
Alpha Scholars Programme
Scholarship Name Alpha Scholars Programme
Academic Year 2024
Scholarship amount 50% Tuition Fees
Nationality International

The DLD Alpha Scholars Programme offers Scholarships of up to 50% off tuition fees to students who can demonstrate potential beyond their years, both in character and ability.

Scholars will take part in a unique programme of study alongside their academic work. This will include university extension courses, support and encouragement to aid finding work placements, and an active role in our community projects. They will also be given the opportunity to attend regular co-curricular activity sessions developed to enhance their emotional and professional skills: from teamwork; leadership, emotional intelligence, and cognitive flexibility.

As well as workshops in media training, CV building and interview preparation. Alpha Scholars are ambassadors of DLD College London and at times will be called upon to act as figureheads at several internal and external events.

Alpha Scholars will promote our TRACK values of tolerance, respect, academic curiosity, community and kindness.


Are you…

  • Interested in becoming a leader or visionary thinker?

  • Articulate and confident with strong analytical and numeracy skills?

  • Someone who is flexible and open minded with a strong team ethic?

  • An ambitious student who is predicted a minimum of 9 GCSEs grades 7, 8 or 9 or equivalent? (exceptions will be considered)

Students must choose to apply for one of three Alpha Scholarship pathways:





  • Up to the equivalent of 10 places may be given annually to both internal and new entrants

  • The scholarships are a non means-tested fee remission. The maximum scholarship awarded in respect of any one student is 50% reduction of tuition fees

  • The Alpha Scholars Programme runs for a duration of two-years

  • Scholars will attend the full enrichment programme in addition to academic lessons. These will include: seminars, charity projects, educational visits, entrepreneurial activities, lectures, rotating tutorials

The DLD Alpha Scholarship is open to both British and International passport holders. Please note that scholarships are limited and therefore, early application is recommended. We reserve the right to withdraw the fee remission if an Alpha Scholar does not adhere to DLD rules or participate in the Alpha Scholars’ programme.

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Breckett Front   My counsellor contacted me every day throughout the application process and helped me receive an unconditional offer. I am so grateful to SI-UK and will never forget them. I will study very hard as I feel this is the best reward I can give the whole team.  Breckett Front

Sade Onyeje Social Work at Birmingham City University