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Study Business Law at a UK University

Indian student guide to studying business law

Business law courses in the UK offer Indian students and professionals a unique blend of opportunities. From choosing the right course that matches one's academic and professional aspirations to understanding the employment landscape after completing a degree, it's crucial to be informed. Apart from the various business law courses in the UK, students can also choose specialisation courses that precisely align with their interests. 

Types of Business Law Course

Law schools in the UK offer specialised courses catering to the diverse areas of business law. Based on UK university rankings, universities such as UCL, Birmingham, and Liverpool frequently emerge as top contenders. These universities offer courses in corporate law, international trade law, employment law, intellectual property rights, and financial regulations. 

Bachelor of Business Law

A Bachelor of Business Law is an undergraduate course frequently available in the UK and beyond. The course gives students a solid grounding in business and legal tenets. Core study areas include contract, corporate, employment, and trade laws, complemented by ethics, international trade, and intellectual property topics. Pursuing this course in the UK allows students to immerse themselves in a globally recognised legal system. The educational approach usually combines interactive sessions, real-world cases, and work placements, giving students a tangible understanding of law within the business sector.

  • Course fees: £21,800 per year
  • International entry requirements: IB 34 points or UCAS 112 points

Master’s of Business Law

The LLM (Master of Laws) in Business Law is an advanced postgraduate course focused on the advanced legal aspects of the business environment. In the UK, top business schools comprehensively understand advanced subjects, including mergers and acquisitions, financial regulations, and international trade law. This course typically includes research projects, seminars, and direct engagement with legal professionals, equipping students for corporate law, compliance, or business consulting careers.

  • Course fees: £35,000 per year
  • International entry requirements: Bachelor's degree with a first or upper second (2.1) classification in law or its overseas equivalent

PhD in Business Law

A PhD in business law is the highest level of study in this field. In this doctoral in business law course, students dive deep into complex legal matters related to business. Students must research extensively, tackling big questions like corporate governance, international business law, or intellectual property.

  • Fees: £23,500 per year
  • International entry requirements: A master's degree in business law with an average of 65%

Please note the above are expected average fees but will vary depending on the university.


Studying business law in the UK can be financially challenging for international students. However, with the business law scholarships offered at UK universities, students can ease the burden of the course.

Scholarship Amount University
LLB and LLB for Graduates scholarships 2023 Entry £3,000 per year University of Birmingham
International LLM Scholarship  £4,000 University of Sheffield
Hodgson Law Scholarship Full tuition fees and a stipend of £9,207 University of Liverpool

Jobs and Careers

In the UK, a degree in business law opens the door to a range of career opportunities. Some of the most common job roles that open up after a degree in business law include:

  • Corporate Lawyer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Legal Consultant
  • Trade Regulator
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Lawyer
  • Contract Manager
  • Employment and Labour Lawyer
  • Arbitrator or Mediator
  • Legal Academic or Researcher


According to Indeed, the salary of an entry-level business lawyer may start at around £28,000. For experienced corporate lawyers or legal advisors, that salary can go up to and beyond £73,759. 

Where can I study Business Law in the UK?

To learn more about the best business law courses in the UK, find details on the top universities for Law according to the Guardian University Guide 2024 below:

  1. University College London
  2. University of Cambridge
  3. University of Oxford
  4. King's College London
  5. London School of Economics
  6. University of Glasgow
  7. Durham University
  8. Solent University
  9. Leeds Trinity University
  10. University of Warwick

Study Business Law in the UK

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Business Law FAQ

What degree is best for business law?

In the UK, starting with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) is recommended for those keen on pursuing a career in business law. However, a more specialised approach is the LLM (Master of Laws) in Business Law, which delves deeper into the subject's nuances and is particularly suitable for those wanting to specialise in the business sector of law.

Is business law easy or difficult?

The perception of difficulty varies from person to person. Like other disciplines, business law can be challenging as it involves understanding legal principles and business-related nuances. However, those interested in corporate affairs, transactions, and regulations often find the subject intriguing and rewarding.

Which law course is easy?

Labelling any law course as 'easy' is subjective, largely depending on an individual's interests and strengths. For some, criminal law might be more intuitive, while others may find property or family law more straightforward. Exploring various areas of law early on is always recommended to identify where one's genuine interest lies.

Is maths compulsory for business law?

No, maths is not typically a compulsory requirement for business law in the UK. However, having a good understanding of numbers can be beneficial, especially in areas like tax law or corporate finance law, where numerical data is more prevalent.

Which are the best universities for business law?

The UK boasts many globally renowned universities that offer exceptional business law programmes. Based on various UK university rankings, universities like the London School of Economics, UCL (University College London), and the University of Birmingham frequently emerge as top choices for students aspiring to study business law. Checking the latest rankings and course offerings is always advisable before deciding.

Studying in the UK

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