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Pre-Master's Courses in the UK for Indian Students

What is a Pre-Master's?

A pre-master's is for international students who need to improve their English and develop research, academic writing, and seminar skills before pursuing a taught master's degree. Pre-master programmes in the UK are designed to fully prepare international students for postgraduate study and deliver high-quality students.

Courses range from ten weeks to twelve months and provide an essential grounding for successful postgraduate study. A pre-master's will increase the English language and study skills required for successful postgraduate study and familiarise international students with UK teaching methods.

Do I need to study a Pre-Master's?

You will need to take a pre-master's if:

Pre-Master's eligibility

A pre-master's course, often referred to as a 'pre-MSc' or 'Graduate Diploma', is a preparatory course designed for international students who have a bachelor’s degree but need additional academic and/or English language support to gain entry to a master's degree in the UK. 

You must have finished an undergraduate degree with at least a pass degree at a recognised institution. Non-native English speakers typically need to provide evidence of English proficiency. Standard tests include PTE. The exact score requirement can differ among institutions, but generally, a lower score is accepted for pre-master's compared to direct master's entry.

Top Pre-Master's in the UK

UK universities welcome postgraduate students from all over the world, and you should not be discouraged if your academic and English language skills fall short of what is required. Learn more about some of the best pre-master's providers in the UK:

Pre-Master's FAQ

What is a pre-master's for international students?

A pre-master's course in the UK is a preparatory course designed specifically for international students. It aims to bridge the gap between an undergraduate degree from a foreign institution and a postgraduate program in a UK university. The course is tailored to equip students with the necessary academic knowledge, research skills, and often English language proficiency to ensure they are adequately prepared for Masters-level study in the UK.

What are the requirements for a pre-master's in the UK?

The requirements for a pre-master degree in the UK can vary by institution and course but generally include:

In some cases, relevant work experience might be beneficial or required, especially for courses in fields like business or management.

What is a pre-master's called in the UK?

In the UK, it is commonly called "pre-master's." However, at some institutions, it might also be termed a "Graduate Diploma," "pre-MSc," or "Masters Qualifying Programme" (MQP).

How much does it cost to study a pre-master's in the UK?

Students can generally expect to pay anywhere from £4,000 to £15,000 for a pre-master's.

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