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Oxbridge FAQ

Common Oxbridge questions for Indian applicants

This is a short list of the most frequently asked questions on applying to study at Oxbridge university. For more information about applying at undergraduate or postgraduate level, please arrange a free consultation with SI-UK.

1. What grades do I need to get into Oxbridge?

You will need at least AAA at A-level or an IB of 39 or equivalent.

2. Can I apply to both Oxford and Cambridge?

No. You can apply to one or the other on your UCAS form but not both.

3. Given the impressive grades of the applicants, by what other criteria are they judged?

Candidates are judged by how well they can think for themselves academically and how exciting a prospect they would be to teach.

4. From which university will I get the best job prospects?

Economics at LSE and Economics and Management at Oxford are among the best for getting a job in financial services, but generalisations can mislead. King’s College London is Europe's largest healthcare education centre, and London Business School offers the best MBA.

5. Does it matter which college I apply to at Oxford or Cambridge? Yes, because the colleges are very different. For example, some take in far more international students than others.

6. Don’t you need to be well-connected and privately educated to get into Oxbridge? No, the universities are going to huge lengths to widen access to candidates from non-Oxbridge backgrounds.

7. What are the fees at Oxford and Cambridge? The general rule is that they are not appreciably more expensive than other UK universities. Most undergraduate courses are £9,000 yearly for home students and £12-15,000 for international students. Some courses, such as medicine, cost more.

8. What are the fees for LSE, Imperial, UCL and King’s College London? Similar to the above.

9. What are the fees for London Business School? An MBA there will cost £115,000.

10. Must I be interviewed to get an offer from Oxbridge? Without exception, you will need to succeed at the interview to be offered a place.

11. What criteria other than grades do they use to decide whom to interview? Your samples of written work, references, aptitude test scores, and personal statement make the most difference.

12. What IELTS score will I need for Oxbridge? At least 7.0.

13. What is the deadline for applying to Oxford and Cambridge? October 15th.

14. Do extracurricular interests help with applying to Oxbridge? Yes.

15. Can SI-UK guarantee my entry? Unfortunately, we cannot, but we will do our very best.

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