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Two-Year Degree Courses in the UK

What is a two-year degree?

Several UK universities offer two-year fast-track degrees with the same academic content level as traditional 3-year degree programmes. Completing a degree in 2 years means lower tuition fees and living costs, plus the opportunity to begin your career a year sooner.

With many two-year degree programmes having different entry requirements and application processes, we recommend you seek advice with your application through SI-UK. Our experienced consultants can take you through all the options and find the right course.

Benefits of a two-year degree for Indian students

Two-year degrees are ideal for cost-conscious students as they can save on tuition and associated expenses, while career-focused individuals can enter the workforce sooner. These degrees also appeal to mature students seeking a swift transition, international students looking to minimise overseas expenses, and those with clear academic and professional goals. 

In the UK, two-year degree courses, often called "accelerated degrees," provide an alternative to the traditional three-year undergraduate programmes. Benefits include:

Fees and finance

A fast-tracked degree means students will finish their degree sooner and begin their career or master’s degree up to a year earlier than students pursuing a three-year bachelor's. Students pursuing a two-year degree course must pay 20% less than the average tuition fees for a three-year undergraduate course. 

Moreover, students pursuing two-year degree courses in the UK are equally eligible for tuition fee loans and maintenance payments as students pursuing three-year degree courses.

Where can I study for a two-year degree in the UK?

The following UK universities offer two-year degree programmes, providing a range of courses that allow students to complete their bachelor's degrees in a shorter time frame.

Study a Two-Year Degree

For more information about the above UK universities and studying a two-year fast-track degree, arrange your free consultation at any of our offices in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Lucknow today.

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Two-year Degree FAQ

Is a two-year UK degree valid in India?

Yes, a two-year degree from a recognised UK university is globally recognised, especially in India. However, checking the exact requirements for specific careers or further education is always wise.

Where have two-year degrees come from?

Two-year degrees, often called "accelerated degrees," have been introduced as an alternative to the traditional three-year undergraduate programmes, primarily to offer students more flexibility and address the rising concerns about the cost and duration of higher education. 

How do two-year degrees work?

Two-year degrees condense three years' worth of academic content into two years. This is usually achieved by reducing the length and number of vacations (e.g., shorter summer breaks) and intensifying the study modules. Instead of having long summer breaks as in traditional degrees, students on accelerated programmes might continue studying throughout most of the year.

How much does a two-year degree cost?

Two-year degrees can be more financially beneficial for students looking forward to reducing the cost of studying in the UK. While the tuition for a two-year degree is around £20,812 per year, which is as much as a three-year bachelor's degree course fee, there's a savings advantage. You won't incur living expenses for a third year.

Additionally, completing your degree in two years instead of three allows you to enter employment early, enabling you to start your career a year earlier than a three-year degree course.

Who benefits from two-year degrees?

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