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Student Testimonials

SI-UK has helped thousands of Indian students to study in UK by placing them in a UK university of their choice. Our services ensure that they have the best possible chance of entering their preferred higher education institution in the UK and the testimonials below are some examples of their success:

Lavish Kumar, SI-UK Chandigarh

Medicine MBChB, University of Dundee

Lavish’s journey to the University of Dundee to study Medicine

Lavish Kumar chose SI-UK India to assist him in pursuing his dream of studying abroad. Our UK education experts in the Chandigarh office guided him throughout the process, answering all queries and ensuring he found a place at his desired UK university.

We wish Lavish great luck and success as he begins his academic career at the University of Dundee to study for an MBChB Medicine degree.

Learn more about his experience with SI-UK, and if you would like to begin your journey, arrange a free consultation with SI-UK India today.

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Chinmayi Wagh, SI-UK Andheri

M.Sc. Strategic Marketing ( 2024 Intake ), Imperial College London

I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the invaluable support and guidance I received from SI-UK throughout my journey to higher education.

Thanks to the unwavering assistance provided by SI-UK, I am delighted to announce that my dream of pursuing higher studies has become a reality. The pivotal moment came when I received acceptance into Imperial College London for the M.Sc. program in Strategic Marketing.

SI-UK played a crucial role as the catalyst that propelled my preparations and enhanced my efforts. The mentoring program offered by SI-UK was particularly instrumental in equipping me with the necessary skills to navigate the multifaceted assessment process at Imperial. It served as a key game changer, ensuring that I was well-prepared to tackle the challenges at hand.

The collective experience and boundless energy exhibited by the SI-UK team are truly unparalleled. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their service, making them an indispensable asset for anyone aspiring to pursue higher studies in the UK.

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Neharika Ann Mann, SI-UK Delhi

MPhil in Genomic Medicine, University of Cambridge

The support I received from the counsellors at SI-UK, especially Ms Mehar and Ms Rajashree, was instrumental in helping me secure offers from University of Cambridge and UCL. These incredible opportunities would not have been possible without their unwavering belief in my potential, expertise, personalized advice, and insightful guidance. This has been instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of the application process and ultimately secure a place at these prestigious institutions. The support not only helped me identify my strengths and passions but also to showcase them in the best way possible. They were always available to listen and to advise and knew what was required to apply successfully. The dedication to helping students like me achieve their academic and career aspirations is truly commendable, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with all of you at SI-UK. The direction helped the process become easier, smoother and allowed me to achieve my dream

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Zehra Azim, SI-UK Delhi

MSc Integrated Immunology, University of Oxford

As I embark on my graduate studies at the University of Oxford, I am filled with immense gratitude towards SIUK India. Their unwavering support and guidance throughout the application process were instrumental in my success. Mehar, Harleen, and Irtisha seamlessly handled the administrative tasks involved in the application process, alleviating a significant burden from my shoulders.

I am overjoyed to have received offers from esteemed institutions such as UCL and Imperial College London, but it is the coveted offer from the University of Oxford that fills me with the greatest sense of accomplishment. Their contribution has played a meaningful role in my academic journey, and I am deeply appreciative of all their efforts.

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Brilson Milliam Cutinha, SI-UK Delhi

Automotive Engineering, Coventry University

Brilson’s journey to Coventry to study Automotive Engineering

Brilson Milliam chose SI-UK India to assist her in pursuing her study abroad dream. Our UK education experts in Bangalore guided her throughout the process, answering all queries and ensuring that she found a place at his desired UK university.

We wish Brilson great luck and success as she begins her academic career at Coventry University to study Masters's in Automotive Engineering.

Learn more about her experience with SI-UK below, and if you would like to begin your journey, arrange a free consultation with SI-UK India today.

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Studying in the UK

Double Quote up  I sincerely thank SI-UK for getting me accepted to UCL. The MSc in Urban Development and Planning is extremely competitive, but the right guidance provided by SI-UK made my dream of studying at University College London a reality. The services were exceptional from beginning to end.  Double Quote Down

Rashmi Lakshanya Urban Development and Planning at University College London

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