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Student Accommodation Service

International Student Accommodation in the UK

SI-UK provides accommodation support for international students in the UK who are seeking safe, convenient, and high quality housing in London and throughout the UK.

Casita.com Student Accommodation

Casita.com is a free student accommodation service offering the widest range of university student rooms across the UK. Casita has over 160,000 rooms across 60 UK cities, all searchable by price, facilities and distance to your university.

Casita's Accommodation Experts are on standby to assist you throughout the selection and booking process. Following your first enquiry, a 12-hour turnaround time is guaranteed.

We are partnered with multiple student accommodation providers around the UK, so whether you’re looking for a studio, a flat you can share with friends or a private room with others, we will offer you the best location and room type.

Types of UK Student Accommodation

Halls of residence

Owned, managed and maintained by the universities, accommodation for international students at halls of residence is usually guaranteed for first-year applicants. A private room will generally be allotted, while spaces such as a kitchen and lounge area will be shared in an apartment of anything between 4-8 fellow students. All bills, including Wi-Fi, are included in your rent.

Private halls of residence

Private halls share many of the same characteristics as university owned halls of residence, such as inclusive bills and shared spaces, but they are generally slightly more expensive. Because of the extra expense, though, facilities are often more modern.

Private accommodation

Renting privately is a popular choice for students once their first year of study is complete. Renting privately is wholly independent, and it is important to understand that you are responsible for all bills and the property's cleanliness.

Homestay accommodation

Homestay accommodation is where international students or visitors stay with a UK family in their home. The host family provides a private room for the guest and shares common home areas, such as the kitchen and living room. The guest is usually provided with meals by the host family; in some cases, they may have access to the family's laundry facilities.

How much is UK accommodation for students?

The cost of accommodation for students in the UK varies depending on several factors, such as the location, type of accommodation, and facilities provided. On average, students can expect to pay between £100 and £250 per week for a room in a shared house or flat, while purpose-built student accommodation can cost between £150 and £300 per week.

The cost of student accommodation in London is generally higher than in other parts of the UK, so accommodation costs are also higher. Students in London expect to pay between £200 and £500 per week for accommodation.

Book Student Accommodation in the UK

If you need assistance finding student accommodation in the UK, arrange a free consultation with SI-UK today.

  • Free consultation with an SI-UK consultant to discuss accommodation options
  • A member of staff from a trusted partner will contact you
  • Receive information on your chosen accommodation
  • Arrange a viewing if necessary
  • Payment of the deposit and your new home is secured!

Student Accommodation Locations

We can assist students with finding accommodation in many locations across the UK, including:

  • Aberdeen
  • Bath
  • Birmingham
  • Bournemouth
  • Bristol
  • Coventry
  • Edinburgh
  • Exeter
  • Glasgow
  • Huddersfield
  • Leeds
  • Leicester
  • Liverpool
  • London
  • Loughborough
  • Manchester
  • Newcastle
  • Nottingham
  • Plymouth
  • Poole
  • Reading
  • Sheffield

Breckett Front  My consultant was very helpful and motivating. She helped me every step of the way, even when the deadline was so close. I feel I could not have done it without her. I'd highly recommend this service to any and all of my many friends interested.  Breckett Front

Brishti Basu Biosciences at Coventry University