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UK Colleges

Study at a UK College

Colleges of Further Education are a popular choice for international students taking a university preparation course or completing vocational qualifications full-time or part-time. Colleges in the UK perform a variety of roles, including further education for 16-18-year-olds, vocational training, and adult education.

Most UK colleges are public institutions, but many private colleges cater to specific types of students. Courses at UK colleges last for one or two years.

Colleges in the UK for International Students

Learn more about UK sixth-form colleges, colleges of further education and colleges of higher education with our A-Z UK college guide.

Courses at UK Colleges

- International Foundation Year

An International Foundation Year is for international students about to finish studying in their native country but do not have the required grades to begin studying at a UK university. Students on an International Foundation Year programme will study a specific subject pathway, including specific English language and learning skills.

- International A-Level

Many UK colleges offer an international A-Level programme which runs alongside the traditional A-Level programme for UK students. In addition to studying a number of subjects, English language learning is also included.

- BTEC Nationals

BTEC Nationals are for students who understand which career path they wish to take as they progress towards further study at a UK university or employment. BTEC Nationals are similar to A-Levels, generally lasting for two years, and students will begin studying at 16.

- HND (Higher National Diploma)

Like BTEC Nationals, the Higher National Diploma prepares students for employment or further study in specific industries. Courses last for two years full-time and up to four years part-time, generally the equivalent of two years of an undergraduate degree.

UK College FAQ

When planning to study in the UK, it is important to remember that each UK college has its requirements. Generally, vocational courses at UK colleges require elementary GCSE qualifications.

Most BTEC National Diploma and A-Level college courses last for two years.

Any course taught 20 hours/3.5 days per week for a year is considered a full-time course.

Many international foundations courses or pre-university courses such as reading, writing and basic maths or first qualification equivalent to GCSE or A level are offered for free by selected institutions only if the applying candidate is less than 24 years of age as of the date while applying.

Normal hours a day at a UK university are 8 or 40 hours per week, which may vary depending on the course.

Study at a UK College

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