January Entry Courses at University of Westminster

University of Westminster January Entry

Learn more about courses which begin in January 2019 at the University of Westminster.

University of Westminster January Entry

The University of Westminster located in the heart of London, the University of Westminster offers a vibrant and global learning environment where you can gain the skills and experience needed to succeed in professional life and benefit from all that London has to offer during your studies. 

Founded in 1838 as the UK’s first Polytechnic Institution, the University has a distinguished history of providing practical, industry-relevant education. Today, we are proud to be one of the most internationally diverse universities in the world and one of the most popular in the UK for international students. Learn more about Westminster courses and apply today.

University of Westminster January Courses

  Level Course  
1.PostgraduateAir Transport Planning And Management Msc (1 Year)
2.PostgraduateAir Transport Planning And Management Msc (2 Years)
3.PostgraduateArt And Visual Culture Ma (1 Year)
4.PostgraduateArt And Visual Culture Ma (2 Years)
5.PostgraduateCorporate Finance Law Llm
6.PostgraduateCorporate Finance Law Llm (1 Year) (Full Time)
7.PostgraduateCreative Writing: Writing The City Ma
8.PostgraduateCreative Writing: Writing The City Ma (Full Time)
9.PostgraduateCultural And Critical Studies Ma
10.PostgraduateCultural And Critical Studies Ma (Full Time)
11.PostgraduateEnergy And Environmental Change Ma
12.PostgraduateEnergy And Environmental Change Ma ( Full Time)
13.PostgraduateEnglish Language And Linguistics Ma (1 Year)
14.PostgraduateEnglish Language And Linguistics Ma (2 Years)
15.PostgraduateEnglish Language And Literature Ma (1 Year)
16.PostgraduateEnglish Language And Literature Ma (2 Years)
17.PostgraduateEnglish Literature: Modern And Contemporary Fictions Ma
18.PostgraduateEnglish Literature: Modern And Contemporary Fictions Ma ( Full Time)
19.PostgraduateEntertainment Law Llm (1 Year)
20.PostgraduateEntertainment Law Llm (2 Years)
21.PostgraduateFinance And Accounting Msc (1 Year)
22.PostgraduateHuman Resource Management Ma
23.PostgraduateHuman Resource Management Ma (1 Year)
24.PostgraduateHuman Resource Management Ma (2 Years) (Part Time)
25.PostgraduateInternational And Commercial Dispute Resolution Law Llm ( Full Time)
26.PostgraduateInternational And Commercial Dispute Resolution Law Llm (2 Years)
27.PostgraduateInternational Business And Management Ma/Msc
28.PostgraduateInternational Commercial Law Llm (1 Year)
29.PostgraduateInternational Commercial Law Llm (2 Year)
30.PostgraduateInternational Law Llm (1 Year)
31.PostgraduateInternational Law Llm (2 Year)
32.PostgraduateInternational Liaison And Communication Ma (1 Year)
33.PostgraduateInternational Liaison And Communication Ma (2 Year)
34.PostgraduateInternational Relations And Democratic Politics Ma (1 Year)
35.PostgraduateInternational Relations And Democratic Politics Ma (2 Year)
36.PostgraduateInternational Relations And Security Ma (2 Years)
37.PostgraduateInternational Relations Ma
38.PostgraduateInternational Relations Ma ( Full Time)
39.PostgraduateInvestment And Risk Finance Msc (1 Year)
40.PostgraduateMajor Project & Programme Management Msc (2 Years)
41.PostgraduateManagement Ma (1 Year)
42.PostgraduateMarketing Communications Ma (1 Year)
43.PostgraduateMarketing Management (Advanced Standing) Ma (1 Year)
44.PostgraduateMarketing Management (Advanced Standing) Msc (1 Year)
45.PostgraduateMarketing Management Ma/Msc
46.PostgraduateMarketing Management Ma/Msc (2 Years)
47.PostgraduateMuseums, Galleries And Contemporary Culture Ma (1 Year)
48.PostgraduateMuseums, Galleries And Contemporary Culture Ma (2 Years)
49.PostgraduateReligion, Law And Society Ma/Llm
50.PostgraduateReligion, Law And Society Ma/Llm ( Full Time)
51.PostgraduateTeaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages Ma (1 Year)
52.PostgraduateTeaching English To Speakers Of Other Languages Ma (2 Years)
54.ResearchMedia and Communications
55.ResearchOrganisations, Economy and Society
56.ResearchSchool of Applied Management
57.ResearchSchool of Architecture and Cities
58.ResearchSchool of Arts
59.ResearchSchool of Computer Science and Engineering
60.ResearchSchool of Finance and Accounting
61.ResearchSchool of Humanities
62.ResearchSchool of Life Sciences
63.ResearchSchool of Management and Marketing
64.ResearchSchool of Social Sciences
65.Pre-sessionalPre-sessional English courses

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