Breaking down seminars at the 2016 UK University Fair


UK University Fair 2015The first UK University Fair of 2016 is almost here, with 100 UK universities confirmed to attend at the Lancaster
London Hotel on March 5th! In addition to meeting a wide range of universities on the day, the seminar schedule promises to educate and inform on a wide range of subjects as well. Here is what to expect.

UK University Fair Seminars

12:30 UCAS and applying for undergraduate study

The day begins with the basics of who UCAS are and how to apply for an undergraduate course in the UK.

13:00 Applying for postgraduate study

If you are an undergraduate student who is interested in studying at postgraduate level, then do not miss out as we run through application requirements and scholarship and fee information.

13:30 The Tier 4 visa application process: Documents and requirements

Studying in the UK as an international student means securing a Tier 4 visa from the Home Office. This seminar will go through the documents required to successfully apply.

14:00 How to write a powerful personal statement

When applying to a university in the UK, students will need to sell themselves by writing a personal statement which details why they should offer you a place. We will run through what to include.

14:30 Hints and tips on the IELTS test

If you wish to improve your IELTS score, it is important to know what to study and expect when taking the exam.

15:00 Applying to top UK universities

The very best UK universities require academic excellence and have much tougher entry requirements.

15:30 Introduction to studying Business (University of Edinburgh)

The first guest seminar of the day will see the University Edinburgh advise on studying business in the UK.

16:00 How to write a powerful personal statement

Did you miss the first personal statement seminar at 2pm? Don’t make the same mistake and visit the 4pm event!

16:30 Introduction to studying Engineering (University of Birmingham)

The final seminar of the day will see the University of Edinburgh cover the subject of studying engineering.

Largest UK University Fair for international students

If you wish to attend the UK University Fair, register for free entry today!

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