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Art and Design Courses in the UK

Are you looking for a course in Art and Design and not sure which one suits you? Come and meet our counsellors for advice on applying to university. Our multilingual counsellors will assist you in a wide spectrum of languages such as Arabic, Japanese, Hindi, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin/Cantonese.


Art students hone the studio skills associated with becoming an artist alongside an exploration of the theoretical, historical and critical foundations of the subject. Studio-based work is central and can include painting, sculpture, installation, printing, photography and digital media, with the student specialising in their own area of interest. Universities often invite professional artists and critics to talk to students, whose studio work often culminates in a public display of final year students' art. There may also be a dissertation.

Design degrees vary. You might take graphic design, illustration, textiles, interior design, fashion design, product design, animation, furniture design, jewellery design, computer games design or theatre design.

What qualifications will I need for Art and Design?

Most courses do not specify what subjects you should have studied at school but some insist on achievement in an art-related subject, and studying art and history of art until you leave school will stand you in good stead while not doing so might make admissions officers wonder why. You will certainly need a personal portfolio. This is a collection of drawings and documents that represent your art work and show you are unique, creative and imaginative. You do not need to provide all your work, just a representative collection. You can include sketchbooks and samples to show how your ideas developed into your final pieces. You will most likely need to succeed at interview to gain entry.

Which Careers Require Art and Design?

Art and Design graduates are employed as photographers, graphic designers, interior designers and website designers. They work in multi-media, publishing, advertising, museums and galleries, fashion, and the film industry. Some art graduates go on to become professional artists or to teach the subject. Some work in computer games. Design graduates often work in the field in which they specialised at university.

Where Should I Study Art and Design?

Below are the top ten UK institutions and universities for Art and Design:

University College London

Brunel University

University of Oxford

Lancaster University

Newcastle University

University of Edinburgh

University of Reading

Goldsmiths College, University of London

University of Brighton

Kingston University

Loughborough University

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