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UK Covid-19 Vaccine FAQ for Indian Students

Listed below are FAQs and useful information regarding vaccination for international and Indian students in the UK, prospective students planning to go to the UK and parents. Learn more about how the universities are planning to welcome students on campus for September 2021 entry and what are the latest COVID-19 guidelines published by the NHS related to vaccinations in England.

● Are international students eligible for vaccination in the UK?

The UK is offering the COVID-19 vaccination for free to anyone aged 18 or above regardless of their nationality or immigration status meaning all international students will have access to the vaccine.

● Do international students have to pay for the COVID-19 vaccine?

International students in the UK do not need to pay for the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccination is completely free of charge and does not count as the kind of care that requires payment under the NHS.

● Are international students required to register with a GP (doctor) before booking their appointment for vaccination?

International students can book their COVID-19 vaccination appointments as an unregistered patient through the University Medical Centre or through a local GP practice. However they may also register with a GP beforehand to access the vaccine.

● How does an international student get an NHS number for getting vaccinated?

International students in the UK can approach their local GP practice or their University Medical Centre in order to register with the NHS for the purpose of receiving their COVID-19 vaccine.

● Is the COVID-19 vaccination available for dependents of international students who have travelled along with them to the UK?

Dependents of international students in the UK, who are 18 years of age or above and meet the current eligibility criteria are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccination.

● What is the process for international students for getting the COVID-19 vaccine?

Students should register with a GP to receive an NHS number. An NHS number can be found on any letter the NHS has sent them, on a prescription, or by logging in to a GP practice online service. The NHS number can also be found through the NHS website using this tool. With the NHS number international students can request to book a COVID-19 vaccination appointment either as an unregistered patient by approaching a local GP practice or the University Medical Centre or by registering with a GP.

● If an international student is not registered with any GP, will they still be invited for their vaccination?

If an international student is not registered with a GP, they will not be proactively contacted by a local NHS service for getting the vaccine. They would be required to book their vaccination appointments themselves as an unregistered patient through the University Medical Centre or a local GP practice.

● If an international student has received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in their home country and it is not a vaccine that is being offered in the UK, what should they do?

International students who have received a first dose of COVID-19 vaccine abroad that is also available in the UK, they should receive the same vaccine for the second dose. However, if the vaccine is different, they should contact a GP to ensure they receive an appropriate vaccine for a second dose.

● Where can students find more information regarding the COVID-19 vaccine?

The NHS website is updated with the latest information about the Covid-19 vaccine and guidelines for international students.

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