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Teaching Excellence Framework

What is the Teaching Excellence Framework?

The Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF) was a rating introduced by the UK government in 2017 which focuses on institutes of higher education and the improvement of quality teaching at undergraduate level. Universities and colleges can achieve a gold, silver, bronze or provisional rating, and the new assessment aims to help international students choose where to study in the UK.

What are the TEF ratings?

  • Gold: The institute delivers outstanding teaching and is of the highest quality.
  • Silver: The institute delivers high quality teaching and exceeds the national quality control for learning.
  • Bronze: The institute delivers teaching which meets the national quality control for learning.
  • Provisional: The institute is participating in the TEF, but results have not yet been assessed.

What are UK universities rated on?

An independent expert panel assesses each university or college based on written data and submitted evidence. Measured metrics include:

  • Student satisfaction
  • Continuation rates
  • Employment rates
  • Academic support

As with all university ranking and league tables, students should use the TEF as a guide, not a rule. The TEF focuses on an institute as a whole and is not subject or course specific. However, the TEF offers a quick insight into universities excelling in the abovementioned areas.

Teaching Excellence Framework Results

The last Teaching Excellence Framework assessment took place in 2023, with 33 of 128 higher education institutions profiled being awarded a gold rating.

Gold Rated UK Universities 2023

Study in the UK

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