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University of Glamorgan

Glamorgan, Wales   |   Established: 1913   |   Famous for: Business

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Top rugby stars need the best professional support to win, says Sam Warburton
13 September 2013 07:00

British & Irish Lions captain and Welsh rugby star Sam Warburton has hit back at critics of the ever-expanding team that supports today’s top professional players.

In the modern game, a growing team of dieticians, analysts, specialist coaches and medical experts all accompany the world’s top rugby sides. The winning 2013 British & Irish Lions team, captained by Warburton, was supported by 10 coaching staff as well as a professional support operation of media and team management specialists.

Speaking to schoolchildren considering degrees at the University of South Wales, 24-year old Warburton, who studied at Cardiff’s Whitchurch High School, hammered home the importance of having a strong support team around him to bring out his best performance.

He said: “It’s fundamentally about what’s inside and a player’s mental and physical condition. Games can turn on the smallest of margins, so you have to be at your very peak to win at the top level. The people who support us as the players can make all the difference between a good player and a really great athlete.”

After a training session with sports students, Warburton held a question and answer session where he advised the young people to consider what makes a great sportsperson, and how education and world-class facilities – such as those used by the All Blacks at the University’s Sport Park – can help unlock a wide range of career opportunities.

Talking to the students about the highs and lows of his career in rugby, he said: “Not all of us will be professional players, but there is more to sport than what happens on the pitch. You need to think outside the 80 minutes of a game.

“The range of careers in professional sport is huge, from coaches to medics, public relations experts to lawyers, as well as hospitality and events management. The best educational facilities out there, such as those here at the University of South Wales, are world class and I hope that the ambitions of the students who learn here will be the same. I’m saying to them that it’s so important to grab every opportunity and carve out your own future.”

Glamorgan Business School Students best in Wales
3 April 2013 04:55

Out of 310 top university teams from across the country, University of Glamorgan students came second in a UK wide IBM sponsored business competition.

Despite a number of teams from Welsh universities entering the contest every year, no Welsh team has reached the finals since 2001, and this year the Glamorgan team were just piped at the post in the final round, by Exeter University.

The Universities Business Challenge is open to all undergraduate university students in the UK and teams are made up of between four to six students. The students operate as directors by running a realistic, simulated company, making all the critical business decisions that affect the company’s performance. Each team meets regularly and discusses changes to the business strategy by submitting decision sheets online. The impact of the team’s decisions is calculated and financial statements of the current position of the company are returned to the teams on a weekly basis; each week represents a six month duration of the business.

Bradley Kirkpatrick, a BA (Hons) 2nd year Logistics and Supply Chain Management student said, “It was an amazing experience and I think we have all enhanced our employability and enterprise skills, which will undoubtedly stand us in good stead when we enter the jobs market.”

Supporting Senior Lecturer, Paul Peachey, said, “I returned from the IBM Headquarters in London with great pride having witnessed an outstanding performance from the team of Simon Johnson (Team Leader), Hayley Nash, Harry Stilling, Luke Ellis and Bradley Kirkpatrick.”

University of Glamorgan and Cassidian secure ‘enhanced’ Knowledge Transfer Partnership
26 March 2013 07:21

The University of Glamorgan Business School and international defence and security company Cassidian Ltd have secured Wales’ first ‘eKTP’ or Enhanced Knowledge Transfer Partnership.

The eKTP follows the same principles as the classic Knowledge Transfer Partnership but brings in an additional partner from overseas.

Glamorgan Business School is a CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply) Centre of Excellence and has a reputation for excellence in procurement, supply chain management and logistics, which makes the Business School an obvious partner for Cassidian.

Jo Barrett, Head of Supply Management for Cassidian CyberSecurity, said: “This eKTP will give Cassidian the opportunity to place itself at the head of Sustainable Procurement & Trusted Supply Chain Research, Development and Implementation, not just within the group but also in the various industries in which we operate.”

Cassidian, the security and defence division of EADS, is a worldwide leader in defence and security solutions. The company delivers advanced defence systems along the whole action chain from sensors through command & control systems to combat aircraft and unmanned air systems. In the area of security, Cassidian provides customers worldwide with border surveillance systems, cyber security solutions and secure communications.

Chris Lee, Senior Lecturer for the Faculty of Business and Society at the University of Glamorgan and Academic Supervisor for the KTP commented; “Working together, Glamorgan and Cassidian won funding for a Strategic Insight Project (SIP) initially, and this allowed us to scope out the KTP and plan out what we are sure will be a mutually beneficial project.“

The three year project, with funding from the Welsh Government, will include research into strategic supply chain management, developing supply base and trusted suppliers. Recruitment will begin soon for a research associate, employed by the university, who will work on site at Cassidian for the duration of the KTP. As well as the research, during the project three PhDs and two MPhils will be completed by associated employees of both the University and Cassidian.

Prof Andrew Thomas, an internationally respected expert in supply chain management and logistics, will act as Director of Studies, overseeing proceedings to make sure that the partnership delivers. He commented: “The partnership between Glamorgan Business School and Cassidian is a natural fit – two organisations that are leading the way in their areas of expertise; supporting the local economy, investing in Wales and working to respond to the difficulties that all organisations are facing at the moment.”

The University of Glamorgan has completed 88 KTP Projects to date with a wide range of private, public and not for profit organisations. Like the University, the Business School is committed to developing partnerships with a wide range of organisations to ensure that courses are relevant and graduates are properly equipped to meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment.

Wales’s newest apps launched
20 March 2013 08:47

Some of Wales’ newest and most innovative mobile applications were launched at an event in Cardiff today, 20th March.

The Welsh Apps launch event, organised by the University of Glamorgan’s CEMAS project, provides a platform for Wales’ SME app developers to show off their innovative concepts, all of which take advantage of emerging mobile technologies.

Osian Schiavone
Businesses of all shapes and sizes demonstrated how app technology is transforming their organisations.

The Centre of Excellence in Mobile Applications and Services (CEMAS) is a part funded ERDF project based at the University of Glamorgan.

Speaking at the event, Edwina Hart, Minister for the Economy, Science and Transport said, “Mobile applications span two of our key sectors – ICT and creative industries which is why this rapidly growing technology area is so important. It not only provides new business opportunities for companies developing apps but the use of apps can also bring real benefits to businesses.

“This event provides a great opportunity to promote the very creative work being undertaken by SMEs in this field in Wales and to highlight the expertise and support that CEMAS can provide to businesses to help their growth.”

Professor Julie Lydon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Glamorgan said, “The App launch event shows in action a fundamental partnership between industry in Wales and the University. We look forward to being able to do even more as the new regional university for South East Wales.”

CEMAS supports Welsh SMEs through the provision of leading consultancy in the mobile ICT sector and eligible SMEs can qualify for the CEMAS Assistance programme where a company’s app can potentially be completed at no risk to the SME and then taken to market.

Welsh SMEs can also benefit through membership of the Digital Mobile Innovation Network (MINe). Membership of MINe is free and allows SMEs to access information on CEMAS’s research activities. MINe members also benefit from information concerning other support programmes in Wales for SMEs.

Professor gives think-tank lecture
19 March 2013 03:05

David Pickernell, Professor in Economic Development Policy from the University of Glamorgan will today give a lecture to the independent think tank Gorwel, at the National Assembly, where he will discuss the impact of regional economic policy.

He said, “The UK was amongst the first European countries to adopt an official regional policy as a means of reducing disparities in unemployment rates, with the 1934 Special Areas Act, and Wales was one of the first areas to utilise the resources made available, at that time being faced with declines in its major industries of coal and steel. 80 years on regional economic development policy is still in place in Wales to address issues of uneven employment, incomes and growth.”

Professor Pickernell will discuss the changes that have taken place, and the actors that determine both the policy itself and the implementation of it. David argues that this is of particular importance currently as economic conditions continue to impact unevenly across nations and regions. In addition, however, the resources available to tackle such regional inequalities are becoming increasingly squeezed.

The lecture will conclude with a number of recommendations including, “Making economic development policy a success in Wales requires, as well as a more holistic approach to policy, also a different relational approach within and between stakeholders.”

A version of the lecture can be found here

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