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University of Essex
Thông tin quan trọng
Rank 56
Địa điểm Essex, South East England
Được thành lập 1964
International Students 38.4%
Các khóa học nổi tiếng Khoa học Xã hội, Chính trị, Kinh tế
Phí quốc tế £15,023-21,000
Thông tin quan trọng
Địa điểm Essex, South East England
Được thành lập 1964
Các khóa học nổi tiếng Khoa học Xã hội, Chính trị, Kinh tế
Phí quốc tế £15,023-21,000
Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship
Scholarship Name Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship
Academic Year 2023
Scholarship amount Up to £5,000
Nationality Any

If you're an international student, took your undergraduate degree overseas or in the UK and are self-funding your postgraduate studies, you could be eligible for a scholarship worth up to £5,000, paid as a discount on your tuition fee.

Level: Postgraduate taught Country: International
Year of entry: 2023-2024 Department:
All departments (excluding East 15)


  • These scholarships are restricted to students who are overseas fee payers and are entirely selffunded*. They are not available to students who are fully or partly sponsored.

  • These scholarships may be awarded to students who have completed relevant university studies in one of the specified countries. Where a degree has been awarded by an institution based in the UK, students must have been domiciled in one of the other specified countries.

  • Awards made by an institution based in one of the specified countries above, but delivered in another country, will also be eligible.

  • Students must have been awarded an undergraduate degree (this includes integrated Masters degrees) with the grade specified or above. A higher Masters grade cannot be taken to compensate for a lower Bachelors grade.

  • Eligible courses are those which are full-time taught Masters courses leading to MA, MSc, LLM and MRes degrees and start in October 2023 and January 2024.

  • Only one scholarship award can be made per student and the award cannot be held in conjunction with any other University of Essex scholarships. Students from link partners receiving a discount will only receive one award, whichever is highest.

  • This scholarship is available for the first year of Masters study only.

  • Successful applicants should be available for promotional activities.

Students receiving a repayable loan to fund their studies will be considered as self-funded.

Students who are not eligible

The following students are NOT eligible for the Academic Excellence International Masters Scholarship regardless of meeting the above criteria:

  • Students who are joining Essex through a link agreement which includes a discounted fee. In this case, where a student is also eligible for this award, we will apply the award which is greater in value.

  • Students undertaking the MBA.

  • Students undertaking courses at East 15 Acting School.

  • Students undertaking a masters course that is normally delivered wholly online.

  • Students progressing from a University of Essex International College programme.

  • Students studying postgraduate courses below Masters level: including, but not limited to, Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas, Postgraduate Certificates (PGCerts), and Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDips).

  • This scholarship award does not apply to deferred entry. Where a scholarship has been awarded to a student who subsequently defers entry to the following academic year, the award will be withdrawn, and the applicant will be considered again in line with the terms and conditions that apply in the new proposed year of entry.

  • Graduates of the University of Essex are not eligible for this award.

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